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Celebrate your special moments with our beautiful Wooden Crosses Decorated with Wixárika (Huichol Art).


These unique pieces make the perfect gift for weddings, baptisms, and other festivities.

Each cross measures 4 in tall and is adorned with intricate designs crafted by our talented Wixárika artisans.


With our minimum purchase of 6 pieces, each cross comes delicately packaged in its own tulle bag, ready to be given as a memorable keepsake. Choose your favorite color palette and let our Wixárika artisans unleash their creativity in every detail.


Don't wait until the last minute, order your set in advance, as each piece is carefully handcrafted with care and dedication.


Make your celebration an unforgettable event with our Wooden Crosses Decorated with Huichol Art!

Wooden Crosses with Wixárika Art (Party favors)

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