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**Discover our Mexican Huichol Beadwork French Bulldog!**

Elevate your décor with these stunning pieces, meticulously crafted by independent Wixárika artisans and families from Nayarit, Mexico.

Each bulldog is adorned with chaquira (glass beads) in the traditional style passed down through generations.

Not only do these pieces add a vibrant touch to any room, but they also support local Huichol artisan families and preserve their cultural heritage.

Each piece is unique, ensuring no two are exactly alike.

If your favorite design is sold out, personalize your own! Choose your preferred colors, and our talented artisans will create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for you.

**Approximate dimensions:**

- 11 * 6 inches

Don't miss the chance to add a piece of Mexican tradition and beauty to your home!

French Bulldog Wixárika Art (Huichol)

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