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Practice Spanish with a Native Speaker
via WhatsApp or Zoom and dive into Mexican culture!

Are you looking to enhance your Spanish skills through engaging conversations with a native speaker?

Look no further! I´m thrilled to introduce my new service offering 30-minute video calls via WhatsApp or Zoom where we´ll dive into everyday phrases you'll need in México, as well as fascinating Mexican cultures and traditions.

Many expatriate friends have attended formal Spanish classes for years and used various language learning apps, yet they still lack consistent practice with a native speaker.
That´s where I come in! Best of all, these video calls are accessible to all budgets, as they´re based on weekly donations through PayPal.


You have the flexibility to choose the days and times that suit you best for your video calls and make a voluntary contribution.

Whether it´s two or three times a week, consistency is the key!
You can easily incorporate it into your routine, like post-dinner sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays or after your morning workout.

I´m eager to share my culture with you and witness your Spanish-speaking skills improve. We´ll delve into a variety of intriguing topics tailored to your Spanish fluency and cultural understanding.

From casual conversations about everyday life in Spanish to exploring the vibrant traditions and customs of Mexico. 

Don´t hesitate - reserve your first video call today, with no commitment required, to see if this method is right for you and your Spanish learning journey. Let´s embark on this language adventure together!

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